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What do we do?

We offer a full professional management service for corporate leases benefitting both the employee and the company’s housing administration staff. We look after the employee’s residence for you, arranging repairs and property management, vetting of tenancies, negotiating lease renewals, extensions and terminations, plus long-term planning and budget-setting for housing allowances on the portfolio.

How do we work?

Provision of our innovative and tailored service evolves after conducting a complete methodical analysis of the company’s objectives, key deliverables and standards to be met. Both staff and the company keep in touch with up-to-date market trends and the latest property listings through our sophisticated property databases. We also offer clients remote access to our management database to oversee their tenancy administration.

Who do we work for?

Corporations with a large employee housing portfolio.


Key contacts

Edina Wong

Edina Wong

Senior Director
Residential Services

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kamaco Research

kamaco Research

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