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November 2017

Tech and co-working are both exciting new demand drivers but both come with their challenges.

Central and Wanchai/Causeway Bay rents were again the main drivers of rent increases, up by 0.9% and 1.1% over the quarter.

Tech firms (alongside co-working) are now major players in the local leasing market and Wanchai/Causeway Bay is proving popular among the more well-established companies.

A surge in grade A office sales prices is driving up costs in strata-title buildings as new owners push up rents to support the next sale.

With government departments overloaded with applications,  a growing queue of developers is waiting to receive Occupation Permits for their buildings in Kowloon East.

Co-working operators with a capacity of 100 desks or more are meeting expansion demand, especially from companies looking for flexible terms in a fast moving business environment with an uncertain economic outlook.


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