Beijing Residential

Asian Cities

2H 2015


Economic overview
A softening global economy has seen China’s latest GDP figure reach 7.0% growth in Q2/2015, according to the National Statistics Bureau, dropping from 7.4% this time last year. It is forecast to fall further by 2016. While this figure is lower than previously seen, the rebalancing of the economy is expected to continue and growth will continue at a comparably faster rate than other major world cities. Beijing’s GDP growth also reached 7.0% in the first half of 2015, dropping from 7.2% this time last year, according to the Beijing Statistics Bureau.

Government policy
The performance of the Beijing residential market has shown a high correlation to the policies launched by the government in recent years. Since late 2010, with the major purpose of restraining price growth and speculative demand, authorities have launched several rounds of restrictive policies.


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