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1H 2015


Introduction to Indonesian tourism
Indonesia’s Travel & Tourism (T&T) sector is the 16th largest globally, in line with its GDP rank. By 2030, it is forecast to be a top ten GDP country and in the last decade to 2014, annual GDP growth has been 6% or above, whilst GDP per capita has quadrupled.

In 2014, the number of foreign tourists increased by 10.4% to 9.5 million people.  Domestic T&T consumption is growing – there are 254 million potential hospitality consumers. Total 2014 T&T consumption by both domestic and international visitors was US$48 billion. 77%, or US$36.7 billion, was domestic consumption, whilst visitor exports represented 23%, or US$11.2 billion. Investor interest is also strong; Indonesia was the 13th highest for T&T investment growth globally in 2014, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.


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