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Tourism in Korea
Since 2007, the average annual increase in the number of foreign visitors to Korea stands at 11.9%, showing a continued upward trajectory. In 2014, the figure climbed by 16.6% from the previous year to 14.2 million visitors. The Korean tourism industry still shows a high level of dependency(approximately 60%) on tourists from China and Japan. Tourists from Asian countries accounted for 82.4% of the total tourists to Korea. By country, China represents 43% (6.13 million) of all visitors to Korea, followed by Japan 16% (2.28 million), Taiwan 4.5% (0.64 million) and Hong Kong 3.9% (0.56 million). In 2014, the number of tourists from China and Hong Kong rose by approximately 40% year-on-year (YoY), continuing the upward trend from the previous year, while the number of Japanese tourists declined by 17%.

Of the foreign visitors to Korea in 2014, 14.2% (2 million) entered through Jeju Airport. In 2012, only 700,000 tourists arrived in Korea through Jeju Airport, meaning this figure has almost tripled, recording a 65% average annual increase. Major domestic tour agencies are promoting group tour programmes for foreigners, offering shopping and sightseeing tours in Seoul and Jeju.


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