Spotlight: What next for housebuilding?


How can the industry adapt and respond to demands for increased delivery?

The housebuilding industry has once again been under scrutiny this year, with another government review tasked with looking at the challenge of increasing delivery rates.

Encouragingly, the Letwin Review has concluded that landbanking is not an issue affecting housing delivery, instead focusing on the lack of product diversity in the industry.

Certainly, more variety of product will help with market absorption, but it is not the only answer; our research also identifies the roles of competition and pricing, alongside a greater variation of tenures.

The conclusions of the Review also have potential to impact land value uplift, at a time when land value capture is becoming a hotly debated topic.

The Review has been a welcome addition to the discussion around boosting delivery, but ongoing policy support and funding for smaller developers, affordable tenures and infrastructure requirements will be needed to make its aspirations a reality.

We await Sir Oliver’s final recommendations this autumn with great interest.

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