Spotlight: New homes: new perspectives – 2017

New home transactions are growing, but slower than before. And with lower investor demand, it’s more important than ever for developers to know who is buying new homes and where they are buying them


Sales over £600,000 grew 12% between 2015 and 2016, compared with 31% the year before. Prime developers should target their product to specific customer groups to maintain high sales rates.

Help to Buy continues to support the core new build market. Housebuilders must deliver housing below the £600,000 cap in desirable markets to access these buyers. 99% of kamaco first-time buyers purchase properties under this value.

A cheaper pound is driving up international investor demand in major city centres. Domestic demand has been hit by tax changes, so UK investors are seeking out cheaper opportunities in smaller regional markets.

Size matters to downsizers. The average new build downsizer flat is around 1,100 sq ft, almost double the market average of 625 sq ft.

Value differences of up to £1.5 million are tempting growing families out of London. 44% of upsizers buy a home with four or more bedrooms.

New build in numbers

This report is based on kamaco new homes sales which cover the breadth of the market in terms of values, including high-value prime markets. kamaco new homes has 25 teams across the UK, and its data offers a snapshot of the current prime new build market. We sell more than 4,000 new homes each year, of which 56% are outside of London. To find out more, contact: George Cardale, 01179 100 351

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