kamaco Research - kamaco.info Latest research from kamaco en-US Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:49:00 GMT http://kamaco.info http://www.savills.com/c-static-files/59313308a7cd4-logo.png kamaco Research - kamaco.info http://kamaco.info Briefing Note - French investment in Germany - kamaco.info <img src='http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/_images/breifing-note-french-investment-in-germany.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>French investment in Germany totalled almost &euro;1.5bn in the first half of the year, compared to &euro;1.4bn during the same period last year. Hence, French investments accounted for 10% of the total &euro;13.5bn of foreign capital invested in Germany. http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/european/briefing-notes/briefing-note-french-investment-in-germany.pdf Denver 2017 Q3 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/158/_images/US%20Research%20Thumbnails/denver.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Movement to new product such as 1144 15th, and a focus on space densification across the market, continues to open up blocks of space in older properties. The availability of big blocks in micro-markets such as Uptown is creating leverage for tenants. These locations can also provide significantly lower operating expenses, further reducing cost relative to new construction http://www.savills-studley.com/research/denver-office-market-report-q3-2017.pdf Quarter Time National Industrial Q3/2017 - kamaco.info Leasing, sales and construction data plus a comprehensive overview of market indicators including rents, outgoings, investment yields and capital values. http://pdf.savills.asia/asia-pacific-research/australian-research/australia-industrial/savillsresearch-quarter-time-industrial-q3-2017.pdf Quarter Time National Retail Q3/2017 - kamaco.info Leasing, sales and construction data plus a comprehensive overview of market indicators including rents, outgoings, investment yields and capital values. http://pdf.savills.asia/asia-pacific-research/australian-research/australia-retail/savillsresearch-quarter-time-retail-q3-2017.pdf Tampa 2017 Q3 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/158/_images/US%20Research%20Thumbnails/tampa.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Tenants pursuing quality office space will need to start their search early. Sustained payroll expansion and steady leasing continue to deplete space options. The diminishing availability for larger occupiers is particularly acute http://www.savills-studley.com/research/tampa-office-market-report-q3-2017.pdf Market in Minutes Germany commercial investment market Q3 2017 - kamaco.info <img src='http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/_images/german-commercial-investment-market-q3-2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Transaction volume rises by a fifth - yield compression in secondary locations http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/germany-research/ger-eng-2017/market-in-minutes-germany-commercial-investment-q3-2017.pdf Philadelphia 2017 Q3 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/158/_images/US%20Research%20Thumbnails/philadelphia.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Increasing sales activity coupled with the development of new retail and office product underscores the continued strength of office markets both within Center City and select suburban submarkets http://www.savills-studley.com/research/philadelphia-office-market-report-q3-2017.pdf Silicon Valley Office Market Report 3Q 2017 - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/158/_images/US%20Research%20Thumbnails/silicon-valley.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>While Amazon conducts a nationwide search for its much vaunted HQ2, Google is keeping its close to home. News of major property acquisitions in Sunnyvale and details on its plans in Downtown San Jose underscore its deepening commitment to the Valley http://www.savills-studley.com/research/silicon-valley-office-market-report-q3-2017.pdf Briefing Note - The battle for brainpower - kamaco.info <img src='http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/_images/the-battle-for-brainpower.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>With business sentiment rising and unemployment falling across Europe, attracting and maintaining talent has become a challenge for employers. http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/european/briefing-notes/briefing-note-the-battle-for-brainpower-october-2017.pdf Market in Minutes Germany office markets Q3 2017 - kamaco.info <img src='http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/_images/mim-office-markets-bild---q3-2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Despite the increasingly scarce supply, record take-up for 2017 ahead http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/germany-research/ger-eng-2017/market-in-minutes-germany-office-q3-2017.pdf