kamaco Research - kamaco.info Latest research from kamaco en-US Thu, 24 May 2018 05:17:14 GMT http://kamaco.info http://www.savills.com/c-static-files/59313308a7cd4-logo.png kamaco Research - kamaco.info http://kamaco.info Atlanta (Urban Core) 2018 ERI Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/atlanta-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Tenants faced higher occupancy costs during 2017. Registering its sixth consecutive year of rental rate growth, negotiated rent exceeded $40/sf for the first-time on record. Sustained demand from tech companies and professional/business services kept leasing volume steady. The second half of the year brought some signs that office-using employment was losing a bit of its momentum. Leasing also appeared to be cooling slightly. This may temper rent growth in 2018. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/effective-rent-indexes/eri-batchone-20-markets-2018-04-24-atlanta-urban-core.pdf Charlotte 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/charlotte-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Despite some recent pullback in hiring by financial firms, demand for newer and quality corporate office product in Charlotte has been relatively steady. At the same time, activity in Charlotte's emerging startup scene is also supporting leasing in converted warehouses. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/charlotte-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf San Francisco 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/san-francisco-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Leasing paused in the first quarter, with only one lease exceeding 100,000 sf signed. Nevertheless, space options remain very limited, particularly for the market's biggest tenants. Last year&rsquo;s scrum for space left the market&rsquo;s new development pipeline nearly stripped bare of big block options. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/san-francisco-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf Seattle 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/seattle-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>There was no relief in the challenging conditions that larger tenants continue to face in Downtown Seattle and Bellevue. The supply shortage is not as acute in suburban Seattle. Additionally, smaller tenants still have more options to consider even in prime CBD properties. Meanwhile, potential passage of an employee head tax could create more impetus for tenants, including Amazon, to consider leasing in Bellevue or Tacoma. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/seattle-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf National 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/national-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Confidence among U.S. businesses and households is as strong as it has been at any point in this recovery. Reduced corporate taxes and a relaxed regulatory environment are supporting more aggressive investment in R&amp;D, construction and payroll growth. As companies and families go about their business and daily lives, they watch Washington warily &ndash; looking to see if additional stimulus is to come or if more divisive measures are enacted. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/national-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf Baltimore 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/baltimore-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Baltimore&rsquo;s economy and office market continue to display signs of an uneven recovery. Job growth has been sustained in healthcare as well as logistics and distribution, but hiring has lacked consistency in core office-using sectors. Additionally, a few areas including Pratt Street, Howard County and Annapolis have captured the most dynamic leasing, outperforming more erratic leasing in the balance of the market. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/baltimore-office-market-q1-2018.pdf Boston 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/boston-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Boston's economy and office market has taken a different route in this cycle, deviating from the weak population and job growth displayed in many older Northeast and Midwest metros - and locally during prior cycles. This time has truly been different for Boston. The willingness of many companies to pay top dollar for Boston's expertise in a wide variety of high-tech sectors has been a game-changer. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/boston-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf Japan Retail - May 2018 - kamaco.info <img src='http://pdf.savills.asia/_images/retialcover1h2018-revised.png' height='105' /> <br/>Positive macro conditions such as growing tourism and a mild uptick in consumer confidence appear to be improving retail rents in some submarkets. Investment interest, notably in Japanese prime retail assets as core assets, remains strong, leading to further cap rate compression. http://pdf.savills.asia/asia-pacific-research/japan-research/japan-retail/jp-retail-spotlight-05-2018.pdf Los Angeles 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/los-angeles-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Several larger leases among top tech firms has kept deal volume relatively steady in West Los Angeles. Demand for production space in Culver City has been particularly brisk. In contrast, activity Downtown remains subdued. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/los-angeles-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf Phoenix 2018 Q1 Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://sites.v3.savills-vx.com/174/_images/About%20kamaco/phoenix-market-image-q4.2017.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Job growth in core office-using sectors remained on a slower track in the last several quarters. The number of massive corporate relocations and 100,000-sf- plus leases has also dropped off. Despite this recent moderation, availability has increased only slightly in select submarkets &mdash; controlled construction has been a factor. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/phoenix-office-market-report-q1-2018.pdf