kamaco Research - kamaco.info Latest research from kamaco en-US Fri, 18 Jan 2019 22:35:20 GMT http://kamaco.info http://www.savills.com/c-static-files/59313308a7cd4-logo.png kamaco Research - kamaco.info http://kamaco.info Atlanta 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/atlanta2-2(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Atlanta's economy and office market capped off one of its strongest years with sustained hiring activity and robust demand for quality office space. Tenants are likely to face higher rent in the coming year, although the lease-up of new product should cause some moderation in rent growth. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-atlanta-office-market-report.pdf Austin 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/austin-2(1)(2).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Apple&rsquo;s $1-billion HQ2 expansion overshadowed any sting associated with being bypassed by Amazon. Austin was already Apple&rsquo;s second-largest outpost domestically, the innovator will more than double its workforce and solidify its position as Austin's top employer. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-austin-office-market-report.pdf Baltimore 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/baltimore-2(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Baltimore&rsquo;s office market ended the year much as it began &ndash; with tepid leasing and ample availability in much of the region. Conditions are tighter in a few areas, but most tenants are in a strong position to negotiate favorable terms heading into 2019. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-baltimore-office-market-report.pdf Charlotte 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/charlotte-2b(1)(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Steady demand for prime office space is prompting more landlords to forge ahead with the next phase of new construction. Pedestrian-friendly and adaptive re-use projects remain popular with tech and creative firms. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-charlotte-office-market-report.pdf Chicago (CBD) 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/chicago-cbd.jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Development activity has intensified in Downtown Chicago. Tenants continue to make aggressive moves to secure best-in-class new product as they strive to maintain growth and attract top talent. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-chicago-cbd-office-market-report.pdf Chicago Suburbs 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/chicagosuburbs-2(1)(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Leasing and building sales have both retreated in the second half of the year. Those firms that are relocating continue to shed space, improve building quality and gain efficiencies. There is little to indicate any pickup in activity in the short term. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-chicago-suburban-office-market-report.pdf Dallas/Fort Worth 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/dallas-2(1)(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>The Metroplex&rsquo;s economy and office market seem to show few signs of losing momentum. A steady influx of companies from other markets and strong local growth have kept activity aloft. The housing market is starting to lose traction, though, as supply starts to outstrip demand and the capacity of households to afford down payments and interest. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-dallas-fortworth-office-market-report.pdf Denver 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/denver-2b(3).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Attracting and retaining talent is the single most important priority across all sectors. We have energy sector clients now talking about changing their approach to space utilization and allocation. Law firms in Denver are starting to catch up to national trends in law and general industry. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-denver-office-market-report.pdf Houston 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/houston-market-image-q4.2017(1)(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Oil prices took a hit late in the year, due in large part to shaky equity markets and global uncertainty. Prices are forecasted to stabilize at just under $60 per barrel in 2019. Meanwhile, other major industries such as healthcare continue to expand. http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-houston-office-market-report.pdf Orange County 2018 Q4 Office Market Report - kamaco.info <img src='http://www.savills-studley.com/_images/orangecounty1-2(1).jpg' height='105' /> <br/>Market conditions remain strong, but macroeconomic headwinds could spur market softening in 2019. Rent growth has started to stabilize as sublease options increase, and tenant movement to new buildings opens options in existing properties. Several larger transactions at year's end, including rapid growth from coworking providers, is a sign of confidence in market demand. However, supply increases will create favorable conditions as landlords are forced to boost concessions and cater to tenant http://www.savills-studley.com/research/market-reports/4q18-orange-county-office-market-report.pdf