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savills blog: Top bathroom trends you don�t want to miss for 2018

Top bathroom trends you don’t want to miss for 2018

Bathrooms were once afterthoughts – a place to do unspeakable business as quickly as possible. These days, though, they’re more like stay-at-home spas, a ready-made retreat where you can relax and unwind in the comfort of home. Here are some of the trends to look forward to in 2018.

More space

In many countries, bathroom sizes have been increasing in recent years, but this can be a tricky proposition in space-deprived Hong Kong. Don’t worry, though – there are still ways to get around this most perennial of constraints.

In one recent case, local firm Pure AW’s Designers combined two small bathrooms in a three-bedroom Tseung Kwan O flat into a , which allowed for his-and-her washbasins and a single stand-up shower instead of two small bathtubs. In the Mid-Levels, PDM International carved some space out of the master bedroom for a that includes a huge standalone bathtub next to a window.

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Soothing colours

While old-school Hong Kong bathrooms were once clad in perfunctory tiles, many new developments go to the opposite extreme with a riot of marble, shiny fixtures and other contrasting elements.

At this year’s , however, a variety of subdued colours were presented by design brands at the international furniture showcase. Beige, brown, charcoal, dark green and plum were popular colours. So were monochromatic palettes that made things interesting with textured tiles and other materials.

savills blog: Top bathroom trends you don�t want to miss for 2018

Shake up the materials

That brings us to another trend: offbeat textures and patterns. is set to become a trendy material overseas, but may not fare well with Hong Kong’s high humidity and restrictive building codes. A good local alternative is faux-wood ceramic tiles, which have recently improved in appearance and quality. For a real cutting-edge look, go for geometric tiles, which style forecaster Pantone says will be all the rage in 2018.

Go green

Many studies have shown that greenery has a on mental health, and houseplants are good at improving air quality, too. With a new focus on spaces that promote wellness and healthy living, plants are certain to be all the rage next year. Hong Kong’s building codes require every room in the house to have natural light, so there’s no doubt a window in your bathroom that can support a hanging plant or two.


There’s no need to keep your art collection in the living room. Hanging something on the wall of your bathroom gives the space more character – just make sure you have taken adequate steps to protect your artwork from humidity.

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