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10 items for the ultimate moving house checklist

10 items for the ultimate moving house checklist

The keys are in your hands and it is finally time to move house. Before you get ready to dive straight in, here are some things that you need to do.

Remember to keep a checklist and tick off the items as you go along, you will need to keep track of the considerable moving parts that come along the way.

To do:

1) Organise the removal agency. This might seem obvious but many people leave it to the last moment resulting in unwanted stress and extra costs. Get booking early.

2) Don’t forget to inform the mover of any contingencies for the building you are in, or special items, and get an idea of costs before you start. It would be sensible to ask your new apartment building management about prohibited items as well. This could be anything from barbecues to even your beloved pet – imagine moving in and having to hide your loved one!

3) Start early cleaning up your old flat and fixing anything that is stipulated in your contract. You want to get that deposit that back as it will help with  the number of costs you can expect with moving.

4) Declutter. Moving is the perfect excuse to sort out that paperwork, recycle old items and throw out all that junk you have been accumulating. This process can also help you to pack early, rather than later, leading to less stress on the day of the move.

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5) Contact internet and utility providers early to make sure you have wifi, power and water when you get to your new flat. It’s also time to redirect your mail as well. These items can cause major headaches so do them one month in advance. Imagine a new flat in summer with no working air-conditioner – you don’t want that.

6) Organise essentials for the day of the move.  If things get lost, slowed down in delivery, or even sent to the wrong destination, keeping useful and favourite items on hand is perfect to make sure all your creature comforts are available when you want them.

7) Carry valuables. Don’t leave these in hands of a stranger, ensure that all your expensive and cherished items are with you at all times.

8) On the same note, inventory is crucial, especially if you are not familiar with your mover. Items go missing for a variety of reasons, just make sure you keep track and hold the mover accountable for anything damaged or missing.


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