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How to make your home more attractive to potential buyers (Part two)

With the secondary market set to cool in 2016, making the most of your home is critical to selling it for the price you want. Here are some top tips to get started in the right way.

First impressions

First impressions count for everything. Get your windows professionally cleaned and replace any worn-out doormats so prospective buyers aren’t put off before they’ve even walked through the front door. Look at the fine details, because the buyers certainly will!

Attention to detail

Have a thorough spring clean and get to the corners you’d normally ignore. Buyers usually come with a critical eye and will inspect a room from wall to wall – you don’t want them looking up at the ceiling and seeing a collection of cobwebs, or your personal belongings all in a mess.

Character preservation

If you are de-cluttering, remember not to remove traces of character altogether – thoughtful splashes of colour and a few well-chosen soft furnishings can make a property feel more stylish and individual. It's useful to remember what it was that made you fall in love with your home when you bought it.


Some buyers will be put off at the idea of having to do any DIY. Run a quick maintenance check throughout your home and get the toolbox out. Do any bulbs needs replacing, or is there a loose door handle that needs to be tightened, for example? These little things might seem like a small matter, but they will add up in the grand scheme of things.


If you have a dog, send them to the groomer's for a professional clean. A house that smells of pets can be a real turn-off for some viewers. Washing the dog's bed is a good idea, too.

Bathroom and kitchen 

Another quick win can be in the bathroom. Buyers often want to check the water pressure of the shower so remove any lime scale that might have built up, it’s an easy job but can make a big difference. Same story with the kitchen, keep items tidily arranged while making sure to demonstrate how much space there is for the prospective buyer.


You need to help prospective buyers imagine where their furniture and family pictures will go. Rooms that look too busy, full of mismatching furniture or an oversupply of personal details, can also make a room look smaller. Prospective buyers always want to check inside cupboards: if they’re packed full, empty them out and throw away everything you don’t need, or put things in a suitcase for a few weeks. Demonstrating your home has adequate storage is crucial.

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